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Video Project: SWAP

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This story is about a young adolescent who has the ability to swap minds with anyone he makes prolonged eye contact with. The story also maps out the struggle that he will have to go through with the repercussions of using such power.

The story begins with the guy just sitting on a bench thinking to himself. He ponders not so deeply about how to make his ability work and looks for targets. Soon enough he spots a young and attractive adolescent female. Without a second thought he tests his abilities out on her, their eyes meet and an intense stare down has taken place. She is unable to avert her eyes from his overpowering glare she is overwhelmed, captivated, curious, scared, and most of all helpless. Suddenly a flash! It’s over.

The swap was successful he scans the body with her hands, however he stares back at his body and realizes that the swap was not complete because she did not wake up in his body thus it remains immobile and comatose. This does not really phase him since he is still elated over the success of the swap. However his feelings soon become dashed when a crowd gathers over his immobile body, scared the group of people carry his body away thinking he is either dead or unconscious.

He helplessly watches the crowed carry his body away, heart sunk to the floor he sits in the woman’s body pondering desperately for a way to get his body back and at the same time thinking how this couldn’t possible get any worse, unfortunately for him/her it does when he turns around he is confronted by a stranger hitting on him while he is in the girls body (obviously unaware that her mind is switched with a guys).

To be continued!


Main Characters: Guy, Girl

Sub: Womanizer, Crowd


Guy:  Hmmmmmmmm so bored it stinks that I have this amazing special ability and I’m not allowed to use it and I don’t even know if it will even work properly since I never even used it before. BAH! How retarded!

The guy scans his general surroundings observing the people around him until he feels tempted to do the unthinkable.


Guy: Screw it I’m gonna do it anyway…..Bah there’s no one interesting enough to use it on……. Wait.

The guy spots a young and attractive girl sitting across the from him and suddenly he gets an idea.


Guy: Well looks like I found a target…… now all I need to do is just make eye –contact I hope it works or this girl will think I’m a stalker.

He proceeds to stare into her eyes, soon enough sees him and proceeds to stare back. She is unable to avert her eyes because of his over powering stare and she is helpless. Then suddenly……BAM!


Guy: *gasp* *breathes heavily* did it work?


Guy looks down and see’s that he is inside the female body


Guy: OMG! It work! Now I wonder what I can do now that I’m in this female body hrmmmmmm……

While he ponders how to use the female body for his own amusement a friend of the guy walks up to the bench he is sitting on.


Guy’s friend: He man I’m about to bail out we will talk tomorrow cool?........dude …..dude?..... you asleep?.......*checks pulse* ….you ok?

The body slumps over


Guy’s friend: OMG! Someone call the police call paramedics I think my friend is dead call 911!!! 911!!!

A crowd swarms the scene and the body is immediately carried away.


Guy: Wait  hey! Get away from my body! OH! It’s no use they will probably think I’m crazy! ….. now they are carrying my body away. I gotta think of a way to get my body back…. why hasn’t she started to wake up to take control of my body yet!  Wasn’t the swap successful since I’m in her body isn’t that what a swap is supposed to be SWITCHING PLACES!!!!  *sigh* this couldn’t get any worse…

 *pauses* Looks too her left


Womanizer: ….Hey….


Guy: I was wrong…..

To be continued!



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