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Cyber Crime Project

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Cybercrime Scavenger Hunt


Use the following websites and additional online resources (if necessary) to find the answers to as many of the following questions as possible. Be sure to make resource notes citing where you found each answer. You have a limited amount of time, so work as quickly as you can. Questions do not have to be answered in order; you may skip around.

  • ·         “How a Computer Virus Works.” Cable News Network (CNN),
  • ·         Symantec Security Response, Symantec Corporation,
  • ·         Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, U.S. Department of Justice,
  • ·         OnGuard Online, U.S. Government,


  1. How can a cybercriminal harm a person whose personal information he or she has stolen?
  2. How do web bugs (spyware) invade a person’s privacy?
  3. What do cyberstalkers do? How do you protect yourself from them?
  4. How can you avoid becoming a victim of identity theft?
  5. What is phishing? What are some clues you can look for to avoid it?
  6. Briefly summarize two examples of cybercrime stories.
  7. What’s a bot?
  8. Name three things you should do if you believe you’ve been victimized by crimeware or
    online fraud.
  9. How does pharming work?

10.  Name two ways to protect your password.


Post your answer below.  List your name: Question number: Answer: Resource Link.... No two answers should be identical or plagerized.... good luck
Add comments if needed to disagree or agree with your classmates.

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